BlueCast X-One for mono LCD/DLP 500ML



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Revolutionizing new High Wax Resin, Melts at low temperatures can be cast at any casting house, Just use the same wax burnout schedule they have been using. The Advantages of this resin are Endless, one Formulation for Mono and DLP Machines, this is not recommended to be used on Poly LCD (long print times) and Formlab printers.

The main X-One futures are:

  • Perfect casting results with any kind of investments and burnout cycles.
  • Low temperature burnout compatibility.
  •  Low-temperature melting polymer ensures a smooth surface finish and perfect lettering.
  •  Extreme accuracy and exceptional detail without shrinkage.
  •  No bleeding issue also on LCD machines.
  •  The first real meltable resin at low temperature.
  •  Excellent dimensional stability in time. No shrinkage (natural shrinkage will be compensated during printmaking polymer expand chemically).
  •  Low viscosity (easier to clean, easier to get back from patterns).
  •  Strong adhesion to the platform, no need to primer.
  •  Toxic and carcinogenic component free.
  •  Low fumes emission during burnout
  •  The first castable resin was developed for the new Generation MONO LCD and DLP printers.
  •  Finally, you can cast in any casting house/service every kind of pattern with text, engravings, micropavè, etc.

Size:  500 gr

Castable: Yes – Castability: Extreme

Compatible with: LCD AND DLP PRINTERS.

UV care: Not needed

Shrinkage: Negligible

Color: Dark green – White after curing



Guidelines before opening and using X-One resin.

Washing mode and Postcuring.


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