General Purpose Resin

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We’re happy to say that after much work and a long time, we’re finally replacing our tried and true resin with new Standard. This resin improves upon by being faster curing, no pigment settling on long prints, and less brittle. On the new, DLP & LCD printers, Standard cures in around 0.9 seconds to 7 seconds per 50um layer (Depends on the Light Source power), so you can get your parts faster and efficient

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Main Features:
• Low skin irritation value
• The curing time is short, the molding process temperature is not deformed, the finished product surface is smooth, and the precision is high
• The finished product has good strength and flexibility, excellent molding and impact resistance, and has a certain elasticity
• The difference between the rigid-rigid resin (low flavor) and the rigid resin on the market
• The smell is lower
• Low stimulation

Suitable for DLP / SLA / LCD 3d printer

3d printer resin that is designed for taking RTV (Room Temperatur Vulcanized) liquid silicone molds.

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