MSLA Castable Cyan


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MSLA Castable Cyan By Applylabwork 

Suitable for LED/LCD Printers

MSLA Castable Cyan has been formulated to create dimensionally accurate prints that require details and precision such as filigree jewelry. It does not require UV post curing and gives clean burnout.  MSLA Castable is developed for jewelry as well as dental casting.

Product Features

  • For all LED/LCD type printers

  • Dimensionally stable and highly precise

  • No UV post curing needed

  • Can be used with most standard investment materials

  • Burnout cycle is simple to follow

  • Suitable for jewelry and dental casting

  • VOC Free

  • 1 LITER

Brand Applylabwork

Notes & Warnings

This resin is not suitable for DLP and SLA printers. LCD types only

Product Details

Color: Cyan
Size: 1 Liter
Material: Acrylate-based Polymer for 3D Printing
Tensile(MPa): 6-7
Elongation(%): 7-9
Flexural Strength(MPa): 6-8
Flexure Modulus (MPa): 90-120
Tear Strength(kN/m):
Viscosity at 77°F/25°C: 300-350


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